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Monday 28 April 2014

Blue Monday

This morning we were greeted by rain.
Typical when it's a bus day.
Ah, well...
We so need it and it's quite calming,
but not on a bus day... and not on a Monday!
Thinking about it though,
this can only mean...
It can only get better from here!
...and I get to use my Autumn jacket from Sweden to keep me warm ☺ Oh, happy day!

Linking to Smiling Sally's Blue Monday


  1. So, enjoy your rainy day :)

  2. Hello Pernilla,

    I do hope that jacket is BLUE. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your Autumn day.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  3. Weather maps are pretty... until you see that red in your area!! Hope your rain stays mild and the rest of the week is sunny!

  4. Button up your overcoat! We are getting too much rain, which makes it hard to work out in the garden. Yesterday it was coming down in sheets! Enjoy.


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