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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Prep Open Day 2014

Last week we went to an Open Day in Lily's Prep Class.

Lots of fun activities in the classroom:

The kids drew smiley faces on the snowmen and traced over 'S'

They drew pictures, played with puzzles and other things.


The teaching team in Prep J

Kids followed the Teacher Aides outside for some more fun activities, while the parents stayed in class to listen to Mr J aka the The one and only Male Prep Teacher ☺

More activities in the classroom for the little ones, while the parents had an information meeting with the Principal.

Pretty tired after a morning in Prep J... ☺☺☺

After the Christmas Holidays, it's time for my little Princess to start school
- Where has the time gone???

Monday, 27 October 2014

Reminiscing about the school holidays

Thinking back on our two week September/October holiday.

At the end of the school holiday, we tried to do some fun things with the kids - so that they would feel that they've done something different. We had kebab picnic in the park and we went for a drive down the coast and just before closing time, we spent quality time at the Gold Coast Pet & Animal Expo. 

Fun at the playground

3/4 of La Familia

Gold Coast Pet & Animal Expo 2014

Pony rides ☺

The kids had a great time!

Friday, 10 October 2014

Dining room fix and trix

After the school holidays, it was nice to tidy up a bit and reclaim the dining room lol 
Too many toys had invaded my space...☺ 

So nice with a clean room!

My antique Swedish wooden tray on top of my vintage Swedish runner.
Look at the details in the weave - amazing craftsmanship!

A few pine cones
- simple yet beautiful! 

My collection of blue and white transferware.

Our antique Irish hutch. 
It has the most beautiful rich colour
We bought the hutch at an antique store in Brisbane 
before we even knew if it would fit the space.
It was love at first sight♥

I wonder how long it will look this tidy,
before the toys, 
the homework and the crayons 
slowly will creep in and take over...☺

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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Holiday fun in the small local park

Thinking back on our Spring holiday.
We visited a few different parks.

This one the kids have named 'Mormor's Park'
(Maternal grandmother's park 
mor = mother
mormor = mother's mother)

We used to go there with her when the kids were younger and Mormor was here for a visit. Soon she'll be here with us again. It's been three years! The kids have grown so much since Mormor was here last. 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Back to school - back to reality

First school day after our school holiday!
Back to school - back to reality.

At the end of the week,
kids won't have any problem waking up at 6am.
This morning it was a bit tricky.
I'm pretty sure tomorrow will be one of those mornings too.

Nighty night!

My beautiful children...

I created this photo on instagram the other day and posted it straight away with the caption: "Ha, the kids do love each other once in a while"... ☺

... Yep, sometimes... ♥

Today we are going back to school after our two week holiday.
It's time for Term 4.

Only 10 weeks until it's time for our Summer Holiday/Christmas break.
I'm pretty sure it'll go fast!

Can't believe that Jonah will be in Grade 3 in 2015 and Lily will be in Prep shortly.
Only a few months to go and they'll both be at school.
Where has the time gone?

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