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Sunday, 30 July 2017


MIA - Missing in Action... Lately, I've felt I have been MIA - for real! Omgoodness, my dear Blog friends... Last week I got sick. Started last Saturday with a headache and finished off with three days of  temperatures. I don't know when I last had a temperature, but I felt so sick...  (Not as sick as when I had the flu 17 years ago and had to be in bed for a week and then off work for a week or so, but I felt pretty weak this time...) Luckily hubby was home during the weekend and could look after me, the kids, and all the cooking and cleaning up, while I was getting myself better. 

After the temperature was gone, I felt amazing and I could take the kids to school on the school bus again. However, I think I overdid it as I got this cough going on and I was so exhausted and had to be home again the following day. I don't think the kids did mind getting a day or two off school... to look after me ☺ Unfortunately, it was Lily's turn after me... (Jonah had his temperature a week before me) so we have been away from school for more days this term than previous years combined. Oh, well...

I still have a cough, but it's not as deep and chesty as in the beginning... I had to ease the cold with lots of rest,  plenty of fluids and a heap of natural cold remedies - just love, love, love oregano oil, raw honey and olive leaf extract! I also made a 'Get Well Tea' which contains hot water, grated fresh ginger, a pinch of turmeric, raw honey and ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar). You can definitely feel its healing properties when drinking it!

So, now when I'm feeling a bit better, I will definitely post about our Wedding Anniversary night.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary

Today my husband and I are celebrating our 15th Wedding Anniversary.
Well done to us!!

Cheers... Here's to 15 more!


Friday, 14 July 2017

I have a thing for...

...baking tins!

My ever-growing collection of different kinds of baking tins.

- Big ones, smaller ones... jelly moulds (molds)... Nordic Ware... old aluminium... heavy duty... the list goes on... ☺

I have my favourite Nordic Ware tins on the wall in our butler's pantry/laundry.

The room is very small, quite tiny to be honest, but we've utilized it properly with three metal shelving units from IKEA. They are perfect in size as they aren't too large in size and won't stick out too much. The shelving units store lots of kitchen appliances and extra kitchen stuff... 

Might show you the laundry side another day - when it's nice and tidy, that is... lol

I have been collecting for years,
got my inspiration from Nigella's cookie/cake tin collection...♥

Old and new side by side... ♥

♥ A heart for Valentine's Day ♥

The Nordic Ware tins were bought online, over a long period of time,
and the others, were purchased at OP shops or inherited by relatives.

The ones that once belonged to my maternal grandmother,
are especially precious.

My favourite view!

I also have a soft spot for cake plates, especially those on foot.

All up I have a collection of...  
Well, that's for an other blog post!

Hope you all have a great weekend!
♥ Thanks for taking the time to visit
My Swedish Corner Down Under♥

Pernilla x

Thursday, 13 July 2017

11 years ago...

11 years ago, my heart was ripped out of my chest when I got the horrible news that my beloved dad had suddenly and unexpectedly passed away at the early age of 62. I was six months pregnant with my first child. I still remember it as if it was yesterday - my husband picked me up from work, but didn't tell me until we were at home. I fell to the ground and I thought I was going to die. I have never ever felt so much pain and grief at once. 

This is one of the last meals we shared in 2006,
We had Indian curry at a place called 
Dawat Indian Restaurant in Springwood.
The restaurant is now closed since a few years back.

I remember walking into the restaurant,
and all the Indian food aromas 
made me so incredibly nauseated due to my early pregnancy.
Jeez, haven't thought of that for a long time... lol

My dad the computer whiz.

So many times I had to ring him being in a frantic state,
panicking over something regarding my computer,
and he'd calmly help me fix my issues 
from the other side of the planet ♥

So many memories - so many happy times.

RIP... Until we meet again ♥

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Snap Chat

I do have a Snap Chat account, but I'm not active as such... I only have a few close friends on my list, and I think I'll keep it that way. I mainly have it as my almost 8 year old daughter loves to send me photos of herself with various snap chat filters... and of course, I send some back to her too. I have to be a good sport, right?!

Hello from us!
Hope you enjoyed our goofy snap chat photos... ☺

Monday, 10 July 2017

Winter Bedroom 2017

We finally got some cooler nights here in south-east Queensland. I've experienced colder Winters since I moved out here. This Winter has been pretty mild. Love the warm days with lots of sunshine. I made our bedroom a bit cozier during the school holildays, with my faux fur favourites!

My cozy corner!

Lovely and sunny outside!

The blue wall is being painted (eventually), 
in the same cream colour as the rest of the walls. 

I purchased the faux fur cushions and matching blanket at Kmart in the beginning of Winter. I was very lucky as they disappeared extremely quickly from the shelves. The price was great, AU$ 12 each for the cushions and $25 for the blanket. Compared to other stores, that's a bargain!

The faux fur blanket is actually quite warm,
much warmer then I thought it'd be.
Snug as a bug, in a rug... Yep, that's me at night ☺

One of my favourite spots to read a book or a magazine!

The Himalayan salt lamp's glow is magical,
day and night..

Last Friday morning, I decided to go overboard with the cushions. It was so grey and rainy outside - really cozy. It was one of those days when 'more is more' lol! 

Thank you for stopping by ♥
Hope you enjoyed my Winter bedroom! 
What's your favourite part of it? 

Have a great week ☺


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Sunday, 9 July 2017

The school holiday is over...

OMGoodness, the last week of the holidays went really quickly. Two weeks off school aren't enough as first week is basically just rest and recharge batteries and then swish, second week goes really fast - and here we are, Sunday night...

Term 3, Semester 2 starts tomorrow... Can't believe half of the school year is done, and now we are starting the second half. Time goes way too quickly. and I'm not just talking about the holidays...

Here's a little recap of what we got up to on the last week of the holidays:

We had a playdate in the beginning of the week... The kids and I met up with our good friends from school. Always fun to catch up and have a day in the park. 

Jonah and I had a couple of hours in the Skate Park when Lily spent the day at dad's work.
It was his reward for going to our local OP Shop the same day... lol He's not a big fan of second-hand shops... 

Found a bunch of awesome books... Super Foods.. Organic Living.. Aromatherapy... ♥

When it was Jonah's turn to spend the day at dad's work, Lily and I took the bus to our shopping centre for some quality mother-daughter time... Sushi lunch, window shopping for jewellry and some play time in the outdoor playground before heading back home again.

Lily's in a happy place!
This girl loves her sushi ☺

It was a very grey and rainy day last Friday. Jonah was playing Xbox and Lily had fun building with Duplo in the morning... a relaxing day for everyone!

Now, only 10 weeks until the next school holiday 
- not that I'm counting, or anything... lol