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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bucket loads of Swedish celebrations, all in blue and yellow!

It's been lots of blue and yellow celebrations lately. First we celebrated Swedish Mother's Day at the end of May, then a few days later we celebrated the Swedish National Day with two blog posts, here and here.

More Midsummer celebrations followed,
first with Swedes Down Under

Lovely and bright.
More blue and yellow decor can be found here.

...and last,

Hope you all have enjoyed it as much as we have.

Glad Midsommar☺
(Happy Midsummer in Swedish)

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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

After the Midsummer festivities...


Lily and I are picking kumquats (Nagami Cumquats) at the kids' grandparents house.
The kumquat is the smallest fruit in the citrus family, perfect for marmalade☺

Next to the lemon tree

My FIL and I made a midsummer wreath for Lily

Lily - my little Midsummer Princess♥

... but also a racing car driver! 
Jonah in the far background, playing with kids next door.

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Monday, 24 June 2013

Midsummer at IKEA Logan

I'll take any chance I get to celebrate a Swedish event or a holiday♥
It's so important for the kids to understand and experience their Swedish heritage.

Midsummer at IKEA with Volvo and Vikings

Jonah - a future cool Volvo driver!

Volvo V60

The new yummy Volvo V40

The life of the Vikings

Traditional Swedish dance around the maypole

The singers and the musicians

Time for Midsummer lunch in the IKEA restaurant

After a 45 mins wait in a long queue...

400 pre bought tickets had been sold, both online and in the restaurant 
previous to this day.
Lots of people showed up and thought they could buy the tickets, then and there, 
but unfortunately had to leave cause there were no tickets left.


Finally some food!

A mixture of Swedish delicacies;
different kinds of salmon, meatballs, prawns, eggs, 
pickled herring and potatoes... etcetera.

My plate.
... and yes, the prawns on the other plate were mine too.
Love prawns. 

My blue and yellow children

Happy Midsummer everyone!

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