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Monday, 13 July 2015

9 years...

I miss my dad.
He's been gone for nine years.

Not sure if it gets any easier...
July is a terrible time of the year when I feel the loss.

I'm sad that he didn't get the chance to be a granddad.
They would have had such a wonderful time together and geez,
all the things he could have taught them - my dad could do anything,

Let's light a candle and remember our loved ones
♥ ♥ ♥
Always in my heart.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Mt Tamborine Excursion

Last Wednesday we went to Mt Tamborine with one of our Swedish friends and her Swaustralian kids. They have an Australian dad just like my kids, Lots of Swenglish going on... So much fun when you find friends you can do fun things with. 

My Pink Princess

Fabulous waterfall.

What a playground!

Chillaxing on the rocks

Checking out the rainforest

Swaustralian fun ☺

What's hiding in there?

A Strangler Fig tree

The fantastic four! 

Nature's playground

So much fun!

Like a postcard!

Beautiful and untouched.

Hello up there!

Exploring nature!

'I want to be alone moment'

Heaven on Earth.

Time for a rest.

Picture perfect!

The girls hanging out!

Always time for some acrobatics!

Pit stop at the Polish Place to check out the view and the birds:

This is my favourite get away spot.

Photo bombing bird ☺

The girl exploring the surroundings.

Check out the view!

Hello birds!

Sitting on the fence, are we?! ☺

Gorgeous Rainbow Lorikeets

We had an awesome day with lots of bush walking, 
Swedish home baked treats and laughter.

Can't wait for the the next outing with our friends!

Making Swedish buns

Love the school holidays when I can whip up treats for the kids at any time...

I made Swedish vanilla buns the other day.
Perfect to bring to the park and share with friends♥

Saturday, 11 July 2015

My Little Pony Show

Free show for the kids at our local shopping centre during the first week of the holidays.

This school holiday it was a My Little Pony Show. Not really my nine year old's cup of tea, so he went to the arcade with his dad instead.

The Fun Fair 

My two♥

Last days of the holidays

Oops, the last days of the holidays are upon us and I haven't been blogging much at all lately. We've been busy with a some play dates and time seems to have flown past pretty quickly, especially the last week.

On Monday, we are back to school again and it's only 10 weeks until the next school holiday... Not that I've started the countdown or anything lol