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Thursday, 29 March 2018

Home Sweet Home

For years I have been looking for artificial pussy willow sprigs - and finally, the other day when I went in to the store Bed Bath and Table, there they were! We always used to bring pussy willows indoors when I grew up. Every Spring we had them in a vase in the kitchen. For me, that was Spring!

Today when I had some spare time between buses, I went and had a look at the news agency and finally the February issue of Country Living had arrived. Yeah, February issue... Normally we are only one month behind on the imported British magazines, but this year it's been ridiculous. We are almost in April and the January issues are still on the shelves. Anyway, that wasn't what I was going to write about. Got a bit sidetracked...

Look at magazine cover and the the pussy willow stems! 
It feels like I'm on the right track with my Spring decor this year.
I just love the look of the simplicity of nature's beauty.

Hope you all will have a lovely Thursday.
Did I mention it's the last day of the school week - and school term?!
Wooohoo, the Easter holidays are nearly here!

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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Tulip time

Finally some spring colours in our dining room. I removed the Christmas sprigs and replaced them with tulips just in time for Easter. It's pretty, isn't it?

Spring colours are so colourful and uplifting!

Pretty Easter tulips in the corner

Yellow and bright

No one would guess that my tulips are artificial, right?! 

A big hurdle to get over this week... but I can see the Easter school holidays far away in the horizon, only today and tomorrow left, and then we have 18 days away from school buses and homework... Woohoo!

Hope you all will have a fantastic Wednesday 
(or Tuesday if in the US)

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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Easter is just around the corner

The Easter holidays are just around the corner. In three days the kids will start their holiday and so will I. Hubby gets four days off, which is ok as he doesn't normally get days off apart from occasional public holidays. I'm looking forward to some well deserved family time.

I did start early with my Easter decor, and thought that I'd show you guys before the Easter weekend. If you follow me on instagram, you might already have seen a photo or two.

Easter is coming - and so are the Swedish  Easter Witches!

Easter decor in my rustic corner

Daffodils, candles ad rustic pine cones

My Autumn leaves are still up,
which is quite appropriate as it is Autumn here in Australia,
even though I'm decorating in Spring - and Easter colours.


Stay tuned for some more Easter decor the coming days.

Thank you for stopping by.
Have a lovely day!

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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Creamy white with sparkling snowflakes

Week 7 of Term 1, Semester 1...

Hello all,

Jeez... so long between blog posts... I haven't disappeared, I've only been busy with school lunches, school bus trips and homework - as always. With two kids at school I spend lots of time supporting and helping them - lots of homework in Year 3 and 6. I have also been busy removing Christmas in all rooms - I think I'm done now!! No, I just realised I still have the Christmas curtains up in the kitchen... Oops!

The other day I made some changes in the bedroom. My Valentine's Day Bedroom turned into creamy white with sparkling snowflakes on the wall...

I was thinking the other day that i would really like to be more active here - like some of my favourite bloggers, Pamela with her blog From My Front Porch To Yours and Courtney with the blog French Country Cottage. There are so many other bloggers that I truly admire too. I just need a kick in the right direction... I need to get my spark back!

Have a lovely day - today I'm at home with Jonah who has an earache. After the school drop off we went to the GP, got some drops and now we are finally at home to rest - until it's time to go back and get Little Miss Princess in 1,5 hours... No rest for the wicked!

Oh, I almost forgot... ♥ Happy International Women's Day to all of us amazing women ♥