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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Easter Feast at IKEA 2106

A week ago,  we took the kids to IKEA for an Easter Feast. It was a perfect way to welcome the Easter Holidays. Both kids had worked really hard this first term, Lily in Yr 1 and Jonah in Yr 4. 

Endless amount of traditional Swedish Easter foods!

♥ Lily and I ♥

Even the Easter Bunny came for a visit!

♥ The boys cheering in the Easter Holiday ♥

Easter Holidays

We are in the middle of the Easter holidays here in Queensland, Australia. The weather has been beautiful and still is. It doesn't even feel like Autumn.

I thought I'd try and post at least one blog post during my free time. Free time? Who am I kidding, I've got two kids at home. My only free time is when they are sleeping. Right now, however... Jonah is driving fast cars on his Xbox One and Lily is painting.

All of you who follow me on Instagram, know that I have been more active there than here on Blogger. Instagram is so fast and instant... I post photos when I'm out and about or at home. Blogging feels more like a chore now.. and also, sometimes I don't even get to my computer. I'm busy with the kids, homework, cooking, laundry, baking and everything else... like life itself!

Hope you all have had a fantastic start of 2016... and an awesome Easter!
Thank you for still following me... and a huge welcome to all my new followers ♥