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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Thank you for all your kind words the other week...

My girlfriend Jaki, remembered the date of my Dad's passing
sent me a text during the day, 
asking if I was up for a coffee date or something in the evening... ☺

She picked me up at 0730pm and she brought me tulips 
- one of my all time favourite flowers!

In my head, I imagined we were going up to our local coffee club,
but she surprised me and drove us in to South Bank, Brisbane,
to Max Brenner's chocolate bar... ☺

Anything and everything Chocolate!

We shared a plate of 'Chocolate Dip' 
- strawberries and melted chocolate...

...and also a plate of 'Banana Praline Crêpes' with vanilla ice-cream.
It was OMGoodness, sooo good!

My beautiful friend Jaki

Here we are, ready to indulge!

 Thank you Jaki, 
for turning a difficult and emotional day into a really lovely one!

You and your amazing family rock☺ 

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Up on the shelf

Vintage Swedish tins, with just the right amount of patina...

...above beautiful crocheted lace.

A rusty rustic scale and a collection of vintage jelly moulds.

An antique Swedish Dala horse at the top.

 A vintage inspired candy tin - once filled with lollies, 
jelly moulds and antique cookie tins with rustic charm.

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Outdoor view - in the middle of Winter

Welcome to our home!

This is our front door entrance area. 

We are lucky we are not next to the road. 
We have a small drive way up to our little house.
Our home is not very small - a normal Australian 3 bedroom brick home.

A few different plants in our stone garden... a money tree, a couple of yucca palms 
and a hot pink plant, which we call Lily's plant - because it's pink!

Not sure the name of it,
'Lily's plant' is good enough for me lol

Plants are lush and green after all the rain.

Our dream is to have a big wooden deck out here.

Beautiful blue sky - not a cloud in sight

The brick would look lovely rendered and with beautiful wooden windows.

The yucca palms grow so quickly,
getting taller by the minute.

So nice with a beautiful sunny day after all our rainy days...
Today, we had a top of 20°C/68°F.
Not bad for a winter's day!

Wishing you all a really awesome day - wherever you are☺

Friday, 19 July 2013

Mixed blue enamel

Finally Friday here! It feels like it's been raining, more or less, every day since school started after the holidays. Sure, we've had beautiful sunshine too... but mostly rain. Normally, our Australian winters are dry and sunny.

When the kids are watching a movie or are asleep, I'm able to potter around the house - doing what I like the most - change the decor around a bit. Sometimes I go blind and don't realise what treasures I have here, treasures which might be tucked away in a cupboard or up on a shelf.

I love blue enamelware. Even though I try to incorporate more white in my kitchen, I have to be honest to myself - I'm a blue enamelware girl, no doubt about it!

Mixed blue enamelware!

Blue and chippy

An European mix of blue goodness.

Beautiful shades of blue

Blue, blue... and more blue! 


My kitchen corner,
Earthy tiles, wood and enamel.

Heavenly blue

Tea pot from Arabia, Finland.
Love the Scandinavian pattern. 

Hope y'all have a fantastic weekend♥

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