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Monday, 29 August 2016

Book Week 2016

Late last week we had Book Week Parade at school.

Students from Prep to Year 6 dressed up in anything Australian, from their favourite book character to Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin... and anything in between ☺

Some of the Year 1 students dressed up to the teeth

Lily dressed up as Dame Edna Everage

"Hello Possums!"

My own Crocodile Hunter ♥

The Year 1 finalists ☺ Woohoo... Dame Edna! 

It was a great Book Week Parade .
Well done to all parents who put lots of effort into their children's outfits!

Let's start planning for next year's parade... 
No, just kidding - I need a holiday now!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Talk about being MIA for a long time... I haven't posted anything for over a month. I've been more active on Instagram, though, on SwedishCornerDownUnder. Feel free to follow me there ♥

Ok, so what's been happening in my neck of the woods since the last time?

Well, I'm busy with taking the kids to school on the bus, so lots of time is being spent travelling. I'm always baking and cooking food... Of course, my days are always filled with some kind of housework. No rest for the wicked!!

Umm, the house is changing a bit... We are in the middle of turning Jonah's boy room into a pre-teenager's room. It's a work in progress, but so far so good! The walls have been painted grey. We are all very happy with the feature wall with brick wallpaper and the dark grey double bed. Jonah will also get a new rug, either a red one or a grey one.

Lily's room is also getting a makeover, which means that everything taken out of both their rooms have a new home - the back kitchen. This stressing me out a bit as the whole house feels like a mess. We are trying to organise old toys, what to keep and what to get rid of. It's something that won't happen over night, so I just have to close my eyes and pretend that my back kitchen isn't even there... lol

Lily's bed is getting a coat of pink paint!

Lily sound asleep in her pink paradise ♥ 

What else has happened? We celebrated our 14th Wedding Anniversary on the 20th of July. Can't believe that the years go past so quickly!

We had our anniversary dinner at our local pizzeria, 
Mosaic Pizza - simple and scrumptious!

♥ Happy Wedding Anniversary ♥

Our Princess got awarded Student of The Month in July

Our #1 girl!

In the beginning of August,
The Juniors at school had their Sport's Day

My #1 girl! 

In preparation for Jonah's Yr 4 camp we decided to go out to our lovely friends in countryside. We would swap kids around. We'd take their daughter with us and leave Jonah with them.

Aussie Darryl and Swedish Petra

Grant and Petra

Jonah stayed the night at Sammy's house... with various activities the following day.

... and Daisy came over to our house and had a sleepover.

The Swaustralian girls helped me making these scrumptious Swedish Vanilla buns. 
Didn't they do an awesome job?!

Lily and Daisy

Acrobatic girls


 In the afternoon we all got together again and had a Swedish fika with an Aussie Santa lol

My maternal grandmother would have been 95 years old this August.
Unfortunately, she's been with the angels since 2011.

♥ Collage of the kiddies ♥

Early Thursday morning selfie with my kids 
before it was time for Jonah's Yr 4 Camp


...and on Friday afternoon I got my #1 boy back ♥
He sure survived Thunderbird Park Year 4 Camp!! 

One of the highlight of the year is when the IKEA catalogue is in the letterbox!
Another highlight is when the IKEA Christmas decorations are out in the store.

Those two highlights can't be compared with this one...

I spotted this fabulous piece of furniture on a Tuesday at our local Salvos.
I fell in love at once, but it wasn't the right time for a purchase.

I took a few shots for Grant to show him what I had seen.

We decided to go back on the following Friday afternoon, but Grant came home too late, so we missed out and I was really annoyed caused I'd really been looking forward going back to see if the furniture was still there... 

On Saturday morning we went to Salvos and the piece of furniture was still there - and it was half price!! Can you believe it?

Talk about a happy day! I was over the moon! AU$175 ☺ It was definitely meant to be!


What do you think?
Pretty awesome, huh?!

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It means the world to me to share my adventures with you all!