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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Hubby's 49th

Yesterday was hubby's 49th birthday.
We kept it low key as he didn't want any fuss... ☺

Next year will be a BIG one!

We had a table filled with presents...


Happy Birthday

To Pappa,
Have a joyful birthday

Lots of love
Lily and Jonah ♥

...festive balloons...

...and of course we had cake!

♥ Family Selfie ♥

My crazies in action ♥

My three ♥♥♥

...and presents from my mum in Sweden 
- lots of shirts and Swedish strong and spicy mustard, 'Slotts stark senap',
hubby's favourite since we were over there for Christmas 2003.
We always have it in our fridge as he can't live without it.
Gotta love Swedish quality!

Thank you for visiting
My Swedish Corner Down Under.
Hope your week has been good so far.

Week 1 of our school holiday is almost over.
It's been so nice to potter around the house,
not have to go anywhere,
not see anyone,
just land and relax after 
10 weeks of school.

Until next time,
Take care!

Monday, 26 June 2017

Snow White

A simple, yet beautiful vignette in the bathroom.
Beauty is everywhere!

First day of the school holidays 
and I conquered the laundry mountain
aka Mt. Everest.

Have a lovely Monday, everyone ♥

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Last Day of Term 2

Last day of school before the school holidays 
- and not a cloud in the sky!

We had a little cloud in our mental sky though,
as it was Lily's favourite teacher's last day.

We will miss Mrs Bennett dearly 
when she goes off on new exciting adventures, 
but will treasure our time with her in our hearts 
 - and look forward to the days when she does relief work in class!

Lily and Mrs Bennett

Lily's message to her teacher ♥

Lily and Mrs Bennett again!!


Happy last day of Term 2, Semester 1.
We have now done half of the school year.

Two weeks of school holidays awaits 
before it's time for Term 3...
Happy Holidays!

Thank you for stopping by!


Senior Sports Day and Olden Day School Day

Hi all,

We are now officially on school holidays, 
but first I have to step back in time for this year's 
Senior Sports Day
and post about this glorious day.

Ok, so the day before was a grey and gloomy Tuesday,
really cosy actually, if you ask me,
but just in time the weather changed 
and we got to enjoy  
a fantastic Winter's day in sunny Queensland.

It is like they say...
Queensland weather:
Beautiful one day - Perfect the next!

Last Wednesday, my almost 11 year old prince had his
Sports Day!

The school has three three teams.
This is 'Banksia' 

"We are the team from the green triangle.
Every team we meet, we strangle..."

100 metre race for boys born 2006.
Boys from both grade 5 and 6 were competing.

4th place ☺
Well done - I'm such a proud mummy!

A selfie in the sun!

While Sports Day was going on for Year 3-6,

Year 2 had an Olden Day School Day

The whole class... No smiles allowed  during school photos lol

During the lunch break, it was all fun and games.
Little sister supervised when 
big brother and friend were playing handball.

It was a lovely day at the end of Term 2.

Thank you for stopping by!


Friday, 16 June 2017

Friday... Fri Yay!

Hi all, After a few days of grey weather and a couple of days of rain, it now feels awesome that we finally reached Friday! TGIF!

School pick up in the rain isn't my favourite activity, especially when the bus stop doesn't have a shelter and we are all crammed in under an umbrella waiting for the bus, which also decided to be a bit late to pick us up... Never mind, that's in the past! Today is a new day and hopefully no rain this afternoon... ☺

My Swedish best friend who lives out in woop woop, 
texted me the other day, asking me how I was holding up in the rain... 
So, I sent her this photo 
- yours truly in a raincoat and under a huge umbrella. 

I've been busy drying clothes - and shoes - for days now, 
so I haven't had any inspiration to blog. 
Today I thought I'd check the Feathered Nest Friday Blog party I joined last Friday, 
and I got the biggest surprised ever 
- I had been featured!!  

Woohoo, this definitely made my day! It sure is a happy Friday ☺

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Thank you for stopping by☺


Friday, 9 June 2017

Blue and white heaven

It isn't June, unless I post about my blue and white tranferware. 

Funny that, 
I was trying to find inspiration to write another blog post 
when Facebook reminded me that I pretty much the same day last year 
posted about my transferware collection lol

Must be a sign, right?

So here it is... 
My absolute favourite collection in the house 
- and I have lots of different collections!

It's a mix of antique, vintage and new pieces,

Every single piece is precious to me, no matter how old it is!

Just love all of it ♥

The thing is,
We don't use these dishes at all - they are only for display.
I kind of like it like that... 

Another thing I adore is lace mixed in with the porcelain.

So pretty! 

A cup of tea, anyone?

It's a bit chilly here in south-east Queensland. 
We are about a week in to our Winter. No snow here, though... 
I'm enjoying beautiful sunny days, but cooler nights and mornings. 

I love wearing my knitted sweaters I brought out from Sweden 15+ years ago. 
(I'm actually celebrating 16 years in Australia in December this year)

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone.

Thank you so much for stopping by
Swedish Corner Down Under
♥ Pernilla ♥

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Monday, 5 June 2017

Different shades of grey

Hello all, mid-Monday here in the land down-under! Hope you had a nice weekend/enjoying your weekend right now. It's been a while since I showed you any of the kids's rooms. You know how it is, not always those spaces are presentable for the world to see... ☺

Our son Jonah is growing up. He'll be 11 years old in mid-September and he's a real tween. OMG, life with him is like a roller coaster, then add an almost 8 year old little sister into the mix - Jeez, grey hairs are showing up faster than you can imagine! Love them to bits, though.

We decided to make Jonah's room a little more grown-up a while back. The kids swapped beds. Lily originally had the double bed, but wanted a single - and Jonah wanted a double bed because he loves to snuggle of of us before going to sleep. So does Lily in her single bed... slightly less space there lol

Click here to see Jonah's early boy's room. It hasn't looked like this for ages, but I had trouble finding a newer photo. The red, blue and white colour scheme is now gone and has been replaced different shades of grey and black. The white double bed was painted grey. We also wallpapered a feature wall. I really love the rustic industrial feel the brick wallpaper creates. Added some fun decor on the wall as well.

I'm so happy Jonah likes his bedroom too. It probably makes him feel a bit more grown up - and he sleeps really well in the new flannelette sheets I purchased for him for winter. Normally he'd sleep on light grey sheets, but the colour is fading to some kind of grey/beige colour, so I might buy him some charcoal coloured sheets for Summer. 

What do you like most about the room? 

All the best from this side of the planet... ♥
Thank you for stopping by!

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Monday, 29 May 2017

Bedroom Update

Last school holidays I decided to rearrange things in the bedroom. We have had the baby cot next to our bad for ages... Jeez, Lily is almost eight and doesn't use it anymore. It basically just stood there and acted as storage for cushions and throws. 

So, instead of the cot, I now have a chest of drawers next to my side of the bed, with some of my favourite things on top,

Speak of school holidays, we are now in week 7 here in Queensland and the Winter holidays are approaching quickly. Only four weeks to go, but who's counting?!

Have a great week, everyone! Thanks for stopping by... and see you soon!

Under 8's Day 2017

Last Friday, we celebrated Under 8's Day at the kids' school.

A variety of activities for Prep, Year 1 and Year 2

Under 8's Day - the last one for Lily as she turns 8 in November and will be in Year 3 next year. Jeez, time flies past quickly!!

Lots of glitter everywhere... 

Morning Tea with friends

Lily with our lil'friend Izaan

We had a fun morning at Rochedale State School. The weather gods were definitely with us this year. Last year was too windy, but this year was perfect.We had blue sky and lots and lots of sunshine.This is Queensland after all...Beautiful one day - Perfect the next!

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Swedish Mother's Day 2017

Today we are celebrating the Swedish Mother's Day!
Two weeks ago we celebrated the Aussie one...

I feel very privileged to have the chance to 
celebrate two Mother's Days each year!

The best card ever!

"This Family doesn't deserve you.

Still, don't leave
or we we'll all die."

Happy Mother's Day to all Mums out there!


Hello... I'm back!

Hi all,

It's been ages since I posted anything to Blogger. I haven't even been out to Blogland to take a look for quite some time. I kind of had a time out from social media, especially from my blogging. The inspiration hasn't been there at all - a messy house hasn't helped I've only posted occasional photos on Instagram, but I even had a whole month off that platform as well. Today I felt inspired to add some photos there, and also to post here on Swedish Corner Down Under!

Here comes a little update from my neck of the woods...

Two months ago Cyclone Debbie travelled from north Queensland down to us in South-East Queensland. By then, she was no longer a cyclone but still brought heavy rain and strong winds. The government decided to close all schools as it was unsafe to be out and about in the really bad weather.

At the end of Thursday night, when we thought everything was over, we realised it wasn't. Not only did Ex-Cyclone Debbie bring lots of rain and strong winds when she passed by, on her way to the ocean, she also managed to bring down a tree onto our roof. Thank you so much for the scare, the damage and the headache.

Logan River

The kids are checking out the river

Yours truly... ☺

No buses today...
No buses for quite some time, actually!

So much water... The water level has never been this high since I moved here!

Our skate park completely submerged!

A view from the top of the street

We had a blackout for 24 hours due to this flooding. 56 properties in our area were affected. An excuse for us to go out for lunch and dinner lol. Lots of other suburbs were without power for much longer... 

The Tudor Park, Skate Park and playground.

Logan River

Now, everything is back to normal for us. We were very lucky. Some people weren't as blessed. We are alive, We still have our house and all our possessions. The roof still needs to be fixed, but that's a minor issue.  These two months have passed by very quickly and this disaster has been archived into our hard drives. Life goes on - and we have to be thankful that we were very lucky!