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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Tweed River Regional Gallery

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago, Lily and I went on a day trip to Murwillumbah in NSW with the kids' grandparents. Our destination was Tweed Regional Gallery to visit the Margaret Olley Art Centre

I can't believe it has taken me weeks to finish off this blog post. I had an endless amount of photos to go through - so difficult to pick and choose. I also have to blame my dear computer which is a tiny bit slow (understatement!!) and unfortunately has been playing up lately. On top of that issue... Housework, kids, homework and everything else between heaven and earth - life itself! ...and now we are half way through our two week Spring holiday and I'm a nice mamma sharing my computer with the kids ☺

Tweed River Regional Gallery.

Breathtaking views! 

At a place like this you can really relax, 
enjoy the art and loose yourself in the stunning surroundings.

I can't get enough of green rolling hills...

At the café.

Milkshake time☺
What a treat for little Miss Pink!

What a view!

Pretty birds... ☺

The Margaret Olley Art Centre celebrates the career, life and legacy of Australia's most celebrated painter of still life and interior. Photos below are borrowed from Tweed River Gallery website: 

A few interior images taken on the day:

A cluttered home - but in a nice way☺

I'm amazed by the view...

Before I went to the Gallery, I didn't know anything about Margaret Olley. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw her art. I love the way she used lots of colours and how she captured her daily life at home in beautiful still life paintings .   

Gorgeous painting from an auction site I found.
Love the blue accents everywhere - the painting would look great here at home!

Our pink artist

After the Gallery visit we headed to the RSL Club for lunch and later on we went to a Quilt show in central Murwillumbah. Stay tuned for the next post ☺