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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Back in the kitchen

There is always something nice to look at in our kitchen :D
Maybe, it's called organised clutter lol

Faux green apples 

Favourite things on display

Love the light shade of blue

Chipped enamelware - so yummy :D

My favourite - Nigella

Not much has happened in our kitchen... A big clean up was needed though lol 

Saturday, 22 September 2012


Hello lovelies... I'm offline.
Apparently, there is an upgrade going on. I haven't had internet for a few days now. Very frustrating! According to Bigpond's technical support team, based in Manila in The Philippines (!), I'll get an SMS when internet is up and running again. Hopefully it won't take too long... *wishful thinking*

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Mixed from the outdoors

Bottle brush trees

Pretty native plants

Beautiful pinks

Love the blue sky!

Gorgeous pinks against the blue sky

Mixed photos from our garden and when I'm out and about 
photographing trees, plants and flowers!

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Jonah is six!

Last Sunday, we had Jonah's birthday party. He is finally 6 years old, our gorgeous boy. He invited some friends from school as well as his best friend Sophie and her younger brother. This was the first time we've had many kids at home at a birthday party. The previous year, Jonah only wanted to invite one friend, Sophie. So sweet! This year was different... All up, it would be 10 kids running around having a great time.

I did lots of preparations the day before, but in the late afternoon we went away to Jonah's school's fete. It was like a huge carnival with music, fun rides for the kids, food from all over the world and fantastic fireworks at the end. We came home late and the continuation of the making of the party food and birthday cake continued... Grant had been at work since 3am so he was very tired, but stayed up until 3am decorating the cool hot rod cake we made together. He had been awake for 25hours when he finally went to bed!!

I got up at 04:43am and started baking. I made pizza buns with bacon, fresh basil and feta cheese... home made chicken nuggets... a pie, it's like a quiche with bacon, chicken and cheese. 10 mins before the party started, all food was ready to be served. I had made cupcakes, chocolate crackles with puffed rice and small chocolate balls - a Swedish favourite at kids' parties. Unfortunately, I didn't take one photo of all the yummy treats. I tell you, the table was impressive :)

We were so lucky with the weather too. Such a beautiful sunny day. It was supposed to rain, but no signs of that in our suburb. Yay :)

Some of the friends and a few of the mums. Aunty Beck is helping to light the candle.

Jonah has the loveliest smile

The cutting of the cake

What was left of the cake... ;)

After all the guests had gone home we celebrated a bit more. Jonah and Lily's paternal grandparents had rang on Skype earlier in the the morning from Hawaii. They sang 'happy birthday' and spoke to the kids for a long time while we were making the final preparations in the kitchen. 

When it was time to open the presents my mum skyped us from Sweden. Talk about great timing! It felt like she was with us in the room, watching Jonah open presents from all the grandparents and little sister Lily.

Jonah had the best birthday ever
with his family, friends and lots of cool presents!

Birthday presents and blue and yellow balloons.
Very festive!

Hmmm, which one should I open first...?

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