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Monday, 17 September 2012

Father's Day 2012

The first Sunday in September we celebrated Father's Day. Can't believe it's taken me over two weeks to upload photos and write about it... Well, life has been a bit VERY stressful lately. First our computer hard drive decided to stop working and we had to send it away for the documents, photos and home movies to be recovered. Now I hear you all say, didn't you backup everything? Yes, we did... up until last November 2011, when our external hard drive gave up. Just the thought of loosing everything important gave me nightmares and panic attacks. Now I just have to think positive that it's all going to come back and not cost an arm and a leg!

So if these computer issues weren't enough, our beloved Volvo V40T decided to break down on us when we were on our way to pick up Jonah from school in the afternoon. The turbo blew up, white smoke was pouring out of the exhaust and we had no power at all entering the highway. We were crawling! Heaps of cars behind us. They were probably wondering what was happening to such a lovely looking car... We were able to drive very slowly to my in-laws and borrow their car. Finally we ended up at school where Jonah was waiting patiently in the office. He was excited to go in his grandparents car. I was just happy that we hadn't been stranded anywhere and not able to get him.

Anyway, here are some Father's Days pics for everyone to enjoy:

Here's a little preview of my post about Prince Jonah's birthday.
Make sure you come and visit soon!

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