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Friday, 14 September 2012

Fancy frames

I was around ten when I first noticed I had problems with my eye sight. I had given my big brother a hard time about having to wear glasses, and his reply was... You just wait, you'll have to wear glasses too some day. O'boy, was he right... The normal squinting while watching TV was the first sign. I remember watching a movie and I was lying under the coffee table having huge troubles seeing the subtitles...

My 6 year old son has complained about blurry vision lately. Maybe it's time for him to check his eye sight and get a cool pair of prescription glasses!

When I look back at my first pair of eyeglasses I remember that I sat on them by accident one day and they couldn't be fixed and we had to pay for a new pair.  Back in the 80s when this happened, the choices of eyewear weren't... well, not like today's range of trendy glasses. My new pair had some hot pink on them and I thought they looked fabulous. Thinking back, they were quite hideous lol It was the 80s!! May the fashion never come back - I know, it already has... ;)

Over the years I have had numbers of eyewear. Some have been really cheap eyeglasses and other have been more expensive. It's so much more fun with affordable glasses, don't you think? I love it when you can treat yourself to a few fabulous pairs which you can mix and match with your clothing!

Here are some awesome looking eye wear that can be found at

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Do you feel like trying on some new eye wear?
I do!

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