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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Have lovely Saturday!

A beautiful Saturday here in south-east Queensland.
Yesterday's rain is almost forgotten about.
Rain? - What rain?

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday!

Friday, 1 May 2015

So much rain....

I'm so happy I stayed home with the kids today. It's been raining non-stop, pretty much all day long... and it's still raining. A few roads around are flooded  and the closest bus stop is temporarily closed. I'm quite relieved that we weren't stranded somewhere in the pouring rain and unable to get home from school. 

We had a relaxing day of home schooling. Jonah was getting ready for the Naplan test (National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy) in a couple of weeks and Lily was busy with Reading Eggs on the computer. The day flew past fairly quickly.

Just around dinner time Mother Nature added some thunder and lightning to the bad weather. Had a couple of storm surges and lost power for a few seconds. I quickly had to make dinner just in case we would get a blackout...

Hope tomorrow will be a bit drier...

Staying indoors today

Happy First of May!
It's a wet one here in south-east Queensland...

I'm actually staying indoors and keeping my kids at home from school today. Normally, I wouldn't let my kids stay home from school on a rainy day, but today I feel it's better to be safe and dry than totally drenched! 

Have a lovely Friday!

School Disco 2015

The kids went to their first school disco a short while ago!

Lily is getting into it...

Both kids had a great time!

I suspect there will be more discos in the future... ☺