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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Name day in The Swedish Calendar

Today is my Name Day in the Swedish calendar... A day worth celebrating!

Cake and card - the perfect way to celebrate my Name Day and say goodbye to the month of May!

Monday, 30 May 2016

Road Trip Reminisce

It's been two years since our little family had a weekend holiday away from home. Yep, you read it correctly... Two years! We are not spoilt with trips, holidays or vacations... ☺

This was our first road trip as a family and hopefully this wasn't our last - even though our return trip home turned out to be slightly scary...

Photos are a perfect way to reminisce especially since I've uploaded heaps of mobile phone photos to Google+ recently. I can't believe two years have gone... We started our journey from Brisbane and drove west towards Warwick and then south to Texas and our end destination was the small country town of Bingara in New South Wales.

Family photos in the National Park

Texas, NSW, Australia

Oh, wonderful countryside!

La Familia

La Familia in motion

Beautiful sunset over Bingara

Old farmhouse

The windows had seen better days, but I still think they are beautiful!

Old stove


Ah, the patina... ♥

Hubby and I ♥

More countryside

Panorama pix

Bingara Museum







Bingara town centre with shops, hall and cinema

Even my movie favourite Marilyn had a special spot in Bingara. 

All Nations Goldmine, Bingara, NSW.



For the first time in my life I visited a country cemetery. Wow, so different from any of the many cemeteries I've ever visited in Sweden.







An open gate to... ?

Driving home we almost hit a dead kangaroo on the road. We had oncoming traffic so hubby had to break really hard - so hard the break fluid cable broke and the breaks stopped working. Our next problem to find a mechanic open on a Sunday in the middle of nowhere... 

A distant relative to hubby's family was able to assist us!

All's well that ends well. 
We arrived home safe and sound later than planned, 
but at least we made it home!


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