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Monday, 30 December 2013

Almost the end of the year

I can't believe 2013 is almost over. Another year has passed very quickly. The school year flew past really fast too. Our Prince will start Grade 2 at the end of January next year when our Summer holiday finish. One more year and our Princess will start school as well. Oh, my... Our kiddies are definitely growing up! 

Another Christmas is over, but all my decor will stay up for another month or so. 
The red everywhere is so warm and homely - and needs to be enjoyed for a long time. 



I really hope and believe that 2014 will be a fantastic year for everyone.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas Day

 A grand table setting

Cheers from my FIL

Gorgeous roses on the table

MIL and hubby's nephew

My uncle, his wife and I on the front verandah

Welcome speech by FIL

Christmas crackers


Time to eat!

A selection of tiger prawns, smoked lamb, pickled pork and stuffed salmon

My uncle's wife and I

The kiddies

After the Christmas feast, it was time for dessert!

 Traditional English Christmas pudding

Trifle and Christmas ice-cream

White chocolate and raspberry cheese cake

 Mini Pavlovas and some choc treats.

Hubby and his sister

Hubby and Princess + a tiny bit of our Prince too...

Photo bombing while walking past... ☺

Lily with her cousin.

The last photo opportunity before my Uncle and his wife head back 
to Thailand again for a couple of weeks of vacation and then back to Sweden.

We had two lovely days of Christmas celebrations with friends and family.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Eve

Welcome to our Julafton - Christmas Eve in Swedish.

 Lily's samples the xmas food... ☺


My MIL and my uncle.

Hubby's last minute organising...

Traditional Swedish Christmas food 

Ham, meatballs, salmon, beetroot salad, pickled herring, jellied veal with beetroot, 
egghalves with mayo and cod roe. Oops, almost forgot ...Jansson's Temptation as well.

A real treat for all of us Swedes - and for the Aussies too☺


 My uncle and his lovely wife dropped by for a visit this Christmas.
They live in Sweden.
It was an awesome Christmas present as I haven't seen them in three years.

My other uncle and his lovely wife, who live here in Australia, 
also stopped by and celebrated a Swedish Christmas with us.

Christmas is all about family. 

I'm so happy that I had my two uncles 
(my mum's younger brothers ) 
here with me on Christmas Eve, to share this with my kids, 
hubby and his side of the family was fantastic.

Later on I spoke to my mum on Skype. 
She's visiting my brother in England.
Even though she's far away, 
Skype makes it more bearable☺

 My SIL Beck

Jonah with his great uncle.

The kids' other great uncle handed out the xmas presents 
during part 2 of the Christmas Eve celebration. (Part 1 was in the morning)

Jonah with his new funny sunnies - so cool!

 My MIL's relaxing and enjoying the Christmas Eve celebration.
- Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the kids!

Lily got another present!


 My FIL makes Lily smile.

Yours truly received a Christmas present too ☺

 My uncle and I.

God Jul 
(Merry Christmas) 
from all of us!