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Sunday, 15 December 2013

3rd of Advent

 Oh, my... Time flies!

Today we light the third candle, 
which means it's only one Sunday left before Christmas...

I feel a slight panic coming on, as I don't feel prepared or ready yet.
So much to do - so little time!
Life gets easier with some Christmas music though ☺


Have a relaxing Sunday everyone!
Advent hugs♥
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  1. You know, I've never thought of putting my own Advent Candles at home Most of the time the church has it right? But looking at your nice display Pernilla, maybe I should! And I will, next season!:-)

  2. The glow from the candles puts me at ease, just beautiful.

  3. I love your blog. I am glad to have found it. Hope you have a wonderful christmas.

  4. OHHHH...I love your little gnomes!! So pretty. (I found you via Mrs. Olson).

  5. Hi Pernilla, Christmas music has a way to soothe doesn't it. Whenever I play it I feel such a wonderful spirit in my home. I love your sweet little gnomes!

  6. Oh, I agree! Music certainly has a calming effect when I need it and gets me moving when I need that...I have needed a lot of both lately and the Christmas tunes have been playing! :)

  7. Lovely! Christmas music always helps us to relax, doesn't it? Thanks for sharing at my HOME and have a lovely holiday.

    Christmas blessings,


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