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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Eve Brekky

The breakfast on Christmas Eve is a traditional Swedish feast.
It's a Christmas porridge (kind of similar to a rice pudding) 
served with a cinnamon-sugar mixture and some milk.

In the porridge, you're also supposed to find one almond 
- and the one that finds it, will marry the following year! 
However, I normally add 20+ blanched almonds, 
but this year I totally forgot.

This meal is also placed outside your front entrance in Sweden 
the night before Christmas Eve - for Tomten (Swedish Santa) 
No milk and cookies here ☺ He needs real food lol

Since I've been living here in Australia for over a decade, 
I've accepted the milk and cookie tradition. 

So much fun to see the kids' faces when they see the presents under the tree 
and they realise that Tomten had been there during the night 
and left some gingerbread cookie crumbs behind!

Merry Christmas from all of us♥

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  1. How gorgeous! I love the table, it's lovely. You too my friend, have a wonderful and blessed C'mas along with your dear ones.


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