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Monday, 30 December 2013

Almost the end of the year

I can't believe 2013 is almost over. Another year has passed very quickly. The school year flew past really fast too. Our Prince will start Grade 2 at the end of January next year when our Summer holiday finish. One more year and our Princess will start school as well. Oh, my... Our kiddies are definitely growing up! 

Another Christmas is over, but all my decor will stay up for another month or so. 
The red everywhere is so warm and homely - and needs to be enjoyed for a long time. 



I really hope and believe that 2014 will be a fantastic year for everyone.


  1. Gott Nytt År söta Pernilla och familjen.

    Hoppas Ni har en underbar dag och har en kul tillsammans på det nya året.

    Kramar från 08:an.


  2. Love that I'm not the only one who keeps the Christmas decor longer! I bring mine down after Epiphany! Happy 2014!!!!

  3. Would love to visit Australia sometime! Your photos are lovely, really like the pretty red tablescape and your kiddos are adorable. They do grow up fast!


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