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Thursday, 29 March 2018

Home Sweet Home

For years I have been looking for artificial pussy willow sprigs - and finally, the other day when I went in to the store Bed Bath and Table, there they were! We always used to bring pussy willows indoors when I grew up. Every Spring we had them in a vase in the kitchen. For me, that was Spring!

Today when I had some spare time between buses, I went and had a look at the news agency and finally the February issue of Country Living had arrived. Yeah, February issue... Normally we are only one month behind on the imported British magazines, but this year it's been ridiculous. We are almost in April and the January issues are still on the shelves. Anyway, that wasn't what I was going to write about. Got a bit sidetracked...

Look at magazine cover and the the pussy willow stems! 
It feels like I'm on the right track with my Spring decor this year.
I just love the look of the simplicity of nature's beauty.

Hope you all will have a lovely Thursday.
Did I mention it's the last day of the school week - and school term?!
Wooohoo, the Easter holidays are nearly here!

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