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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Swedish Midsummer Down Under

Yesterday was Midsummer Eve in Sweden.
Well... it still is, and people are eating, drinking and dancing around maypoles.
Hopefully the weather is fantastic and they don't have to go inside.

For us it was the last day of school. 
It was end of term 2 and end of semester 1 for our school boy.
Now it's time for two weeks of winter holidays.

My Swedish maypole.
A gift from my former boss when I moved to Australia.


My Swedish dolls with traditional costumes
dancing around two maypoles.
I wonder if they do that during the night when I'm not watching lol

Tomorrow we'll celebrate Swedish Midsummer at our local IKEA store.

Hope the table with all the yummy Swedish foods will look like this!!
Stay tuned for a report☺

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