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Sunday, 9 July 2017

The school holiday is over...

OMGoodness, the last week of the holidays went really quickly. Two weeks off school aren't enough as first week is basically just rest and recharge batteries and then swish, second week goes really fast - and here we are, Sunday night...

Term 3, Semester 2 starts tomorrow... Can't believe half of the school year is done, and now we are starting the second half. Time goes way too quickly. and I'm not just talking about the holidays...

Here's a little recap of what we got up to on the last week of the holidays:

We had a playdate in the beginning of the week... The kids and I met up with our good friends from school. Always fun to catch up and have a day in the park. 

Jonah and I had a couple of hours in the Skate Park when Lily spent the day at dad's work.
It was his reward for going to our local OP Shop the same day... lol He's not a big fan of second-hand shops... 

Found a bunch of awesome books... Super Foods.. Organic Living.. Aromatherapy... ♥

When it was Jonah's turn to spend the day at dad's work, Lily and I took the bus to our shopping centre for some quality mother-daughter time... Sushi lunch, window shopping for jewellry and some play time in the outdoor playground before heading back home again.

Lily's in a happy place!
This girl loves her sushi ☺

It was a very grey and rainy day last Friday. Jonah was playing Xbox and Lily had fun building with Duplo in the morning... a relaxing day for everyone!

Now, only 10 weeks until the next school holiday 
- not that I'm counting, or anything... lol

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