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Friday, 14 July 2017

I have a thing for...

...baking tins!

My ever-growing collection of different kinds of baking tins.

- Big ones, smaller ones... jelly moulds (molds)... Nordic Ware... old aluminium... heavy duty... the list goes on... ☺

I have my favourite Nordic Ware tins on the wall in our butler's pantry/laundry.

The room is very small, quite tiny to be honest, but we've utilized it properly with three metal shelving units from IKEA. They are perfect in size as they aren't too large in size and won't stick out too much. The shelving units store lots of kitchen appliances and extra kitchen stuff... 

Might show you the laundry side another day - when it's nice and tidy, that is... lol

I have been collecting for years,
got my inspiration from Nigella's cookie/cake tin collection...♥

Old and new side by side... ♥

♥ A heart for Valentine's Day ♥

The Nordic Ware tins were bought online, over a long period of time,
and the others, were purchased at OP shops or inherited by relatives.

The ones that once belonged to my maternal grandmother,
are especially precious.

My favourite view!

I also have a soft spot for cake plates, especially those on foot.

All up I have a collection of...  
Well, that's for an other blog post!

Hope you all have a great weekend!
♥ Thanks for taking the time to visit
My Swedish Corner Down Under♥

Pernilla x


  1. OMG dear friend! I have the same THING for tins too!!
    Yours are beautiful and I love baking in pretty pans so that I get 'a little fix' when my cakes come out so pretty. I also posted maybe a year ago, not sure, about where I keep them stored too, lol..
    Hope all is well with you and nice to visit.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Hello Fabby!!
      So nice to hear other blog friends also like baking tins lol
      Have a lovely weekend. I'm listening to the rain at the moment... P x


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