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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Prep Open Day 2014

Last week we went to an Open Day in Lily's Prep Class.

Lots of fun activities in the classroom:

The kids drew smiley faces on the snowmen and traced over 'S'

They drew pictures, played with puzzles and other things.


The teaching team in Prep J

Kids followed the Teacher Aides outside for some more fun activities, while the parents stayed in class to listen to Mr J aka the The one and only Male Prep Teacher ☺

More activities in the classroom for the little ones, while the parents had an information meeting with the Principal.

Pretty tired after a morning in Prep J... ☺☺☺

After the Christmas Holidays, it's time for my little Princess to start school
- Where has the time gone???

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  1. Spännande! Ja, tiden går fort. Motsvarar Prep förskoleklass i Sverige?


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