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Friday, 10 October 2014

Dining room fix and trix

After the school holidays, it was nice to tidy up a bit and reclaim the dining room lol 
Too many toys had invaded my space...☺ 

So nice with a clean room!

My antique Swedish wooden tray on top of my vintage Swedish runner.
Look at the details in the weave - amazing craftsmanship!

A few pine cones
- simple yet beautiful! 

My collection of blue and white transferware.

Our antique Irish hutch. 
It has the most beautiful rich colour
We bought the hutch at an antique store in Brisbane 
before we even knew if it would fit the space.
It was love at first sight♥

I wonder how long it will look this tidy,
before the toys, 
the homework and the crayons 
slowly will creep in and take over...☺

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  1. Hej! Det var så länge sedan jag tittade in här. Har varit en värdelös bloggvän det sista året. Men som du säkert läst om på min blogg så miste jag min son Martin den 16 november förra året. Idag har jag för första gången startat en bloggutmaning inne hos mig och hoppas så klart du har lust att titta in. Kramar Pia

  2. You have a truly beautiful home filled with many nice goodies.; The table runner is awesome.

  3. Hi Pernilla,

    Like you, I do like to tidy up; your place is blue-tiful. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  4. Oh, I love your pretty dining all the blue dishes and those blue curtains...but I also love even MORE the idea that you have a pretty little girl that might...MIGHT....bring things in that room. :) You will have PLENTY of time for a nice, straight, clean room after Lilly is grown up...:)
    (of course, you know that.) xoxo

  5. What a fabulous room. Love how serene it seems. Maria’s Space

  6. Your dining room is very pretty! I love the Irish Hutch and your blue transferware china.

  7. Blue and white dishes are my favorite! I've always wanted a large wooden bowl like the one on your table. Is that a dough bowl? It looks big. Love it! Your whole space there is lovely but it would look great even with crayons on it and kids around it!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous P! Forgot to mention that I've started a blog too :-) What would we do without social networks, huh?


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