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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

My beautiful children...

I created this photo on instagram the other day and posted it straight away with the caption: "Ha, the kids do love each other once in a while"... ☺

... Yep, sometimes... ♥

Today we are going back to school after our two week holiday.
It's time for Term 4.

Only 10 weeks until it's time for our Summer Holiday/Christmas break.
I'm pretty sure it'll go fast!

Can't believe that Jonah will be in Grade 3 in 2015 and Lily will be in Prep shortly.
Only a few months to go and they'll both be at school.
Where has the time gone?

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  1. Tiden går så fort... Min minsta började förskoleklass i år och min stora började mellanstadiet. Visst är det roligt, men det går för fort ibland!

  2. How adorable. Trust me they care about each other but boys tend to keep it to themselves.

  3. How adorable are these two. Trust me they care, but boys tend to not show it as much.


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