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Monday, 6 October 2014

Autumn tones in the middle of Spring

I've come to realise that I slowly moving away from blue and getting more into natural brown tones. I love to use different textures and materials when I decorate, lots of wood, knitted rugs, fur and natural materials. I'd love to add more fur, a stag horn and more rustic timber... 

A crochet bed spread at the back of the sofa and  an IKEA throw rug to sit on makes the space more comfortable, but also protects the pressed leather from scratches and damage. Did you know that the furniture we bought isn't supposed to be used - it's only for display lol Great stuff when you have kids who love to jump around everywhere...

The Australian sun heating up the lounge room

I love fur, real and faux. Must be my Viking blood lol

Brown, cream and whites

Love my new luxury faux fur blankets - so soft and cozy!
Love the feel of them.

The corner where I sit and flip through magazines and books!
Looks like a perfect Autumn corner - in the middle of Spring.


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  1. I've been trying to figure out how Southern Hemisphere people celebrate holidays. I guess it's hard to break that pattern, so you might as well go with it! Your sofa and decor look very comfortable. I'm not sure how it looks after kids jump on it! My grandkids really disarrange their sitting room.


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