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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Mid week report

Hello sunshine... and g'day peeps! A few days have passed on our two week Easter holiday. So nice not to get up in the mornings and prepare school lunches and snacks before rushing to the school bus. We kind of had a slow start of the holiday, though. Lily got some kind of tummy bug. Not sure where it came from... Germs on the bus? ...Getting cold in the pool? ...Playing with the kids next door?...who knows?! Anyway, the main thing is that she is on the mend.

The weather has been fantastic (so far) in my neck of the woods. The temps during the days have been truly lovely - can't complain when it's +28-29°C (82-84°F). We finally got some Autumn weather, some cooler winds after our hot Summer months. We even received some well needed rain lately. So lovely to see green lawns again... I truly enjoy grey and rainy days, even a day with overcast makes me smile ☺

I'm so looking forward starting decorating for Easter... can't wait to bring out the Easter boxes! Might do it on the weekend. Have you all started to decorate yet? Or do you wait until we are closer to Easter?

Time to do some housework - or not... 
Have a great day everyone♥

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  1. Hello lovely lady! It's good to see that you all have been relaxing but what a pain to have to deal with a tummy bug! We have been loving the cooler weather and the lazy mornings as well. Isn't it grans to sleep in!

    I hope the holidays go by slowly and happily and that you all have a wonderful time.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  2. Hej ! Vad skönt med två veckors Påsklov. Har ni year-around school där ni bor eller har ni traditionella terminer som i Sverige? Vilka härliga temperaturer. Här i Dalarna vaknar vi upp till några centimeter snö nu på morgonen, och det vill vi ju inte ha nu när vinterdäcken är av :-( Jag ser att du dekorerar svenskt. Det var en imponerande samling med påskägg :-) Ha en underbar påsk! Mvh, Anneli


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