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Monday, 7 April 2014

Easter holiday fun

Kids are having fun in the pool

Linking to Blue Monday and Pink Saturday


  1. Hej söta Nilla,
    OMG! är det fortfarande varm Downunder? Barnen har verkligen kul och verkar glada. They really how to enjoy themselves.

    Hoppas Ni hade en underbar helg med dina kära och nära.

    Själva, är vi i Istanbul och firar vårt 25:e år kyrkobröllopsdagen och 22 år födelsedagen till lilla äcklet (LoL). Åker tbax imorgon.

    VI hörs och ses snart.

    /CC girl

  2. Fun shots and happy kids :)

  3. Hi Pernilla,

    Thanks for sharing this happy blue shot of a fun time.

    Enjoy your Autumn day. Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  4. Looks like they're having lots of fun! Love that pool -- I'd jump in it myself if it weren't such a chilly and wet day where I am!

  5. Those are sure Easter colors.

  6. I bet your kids were in the pool today-wasn't it hot! When is Autumn going to arrive?!

    Thanks for linking up to Say G'Day Saturday. Hope to see you again this Saturday!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz


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