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Monday, 21 April 2014

Finally Easter in the heart of the home...

finally some Easter décor in our sit-down kitchen. 

The kitchen table was covered in toys, cars and our hockey game 
and I felt that it didn't feel like Easter at all.
- It was more like a messy kid's room than a place to enjoy good food.

Today, on Easter Monday - the last day of Easter, 
I had a major clean-up and decorated the whole area.


Yellow and cream feathers and 
a row of vintage paper chickens from my childhood 
casually placed on the shelf.

Soft pastels in the window - nesting eggs from IKEA.

On the kitchen table a yellow table cloth and
vintage candle rings from Sweden with lovely Spring colours 
- yellow, white and light green.


 Too bright to take photos in the kitchen, 
but you get the idea ☺

My first Easter egg... still intact! 

Some antique Easter décor from my late paternal grandfather (1890-1980)
and my late maternal grandmother (1921-2011)

I so enjoy seeing these old ones being used.

Antique Easter witch and chickens.

More eggs and a bunch of chickens.

Love the bright colours of the eggs.

Some of the chicks are really old and tired now...
but I still love them 
- and they are going to stay in the family for many more years to come!

Eggs and witches - so crucial in the Swedish Easter décor!

My maternal grandmother's colourful eggs...
I normally hang them up, 
but this year they are beautiful in a vintage depression glass dish.

I think I'll wait a day or two a couple of weeks, 
until I take everything down...
When do you pack away your décor?

Easter hugs from this side of the planet♥

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