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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Saturday Luncheon

We spent Easter Saturday with the kids' grandparents, aunty and a whole bunch of Swedish people (one or two Aussies too, and an american as well) and shared a traditional Swedish Easter smörgåsbord. This is how it looked before we all sat down to eat. My mother in-law and sis-in-law really made an effort decorating the table. Aren't the small eggs hanging in the ceiling cute?!

 Yellow is definitely the colour of Easter.

Soft feathers and Easter eggs in lovely pastel colours.

 Black cats and cute chickens.

Easter bunnies hiding.

Witches are not only for Halloween,
they play a crucial part in the Swedish Easter celebration.

 Soft pastels.

Yellow chicks in different shapes and sizes.

Lily with Laura, the girl next door.
Such pretty girls... and they are really nice friends.

In -laws ...and Lily.

* * *
Family and friends at the Easter luncheon.


A few of the guests had already gone home.

Happy Easter from all of us down under!


  1. What a wonderful family gathering! I had no idea witches and Halloween items played a part in the Swedish Easter. My children's great grandmother was from Sweden and we spent many Easters together but I never knew that.

  2. Pernilla: looks like a wonderful day. All the effort that's gone into that .... pheww ... I can just imagine. Great and memorable pics. Thanks for sharing. Denise


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