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Friday, 2 May 2014

Already time for the weekend

Wow, Friday already... I didn't think I'd be MIA for almost a week! I have hardly been sitting in front of the computer at all. 

It's been a massive week when it comes to taking Prince Jonah to and from school on the bus. When we all return home this afternoon, Lily and I have travelled 46 bus trips in five days - to school and back home and then back to school in the afternoons and back home again. 

Today we are having a lazy morning at home as hubby drove Jonah to school and we only have to get him at the end of the day - which means, only 6 buses today instead of 10. Oh, happy day! Yay!! And yes, it's raining today too. We started the school week with rain and we finish off with rain. At the end of the weekend/beginning of next week, we are expecting colder weather... Approx 7°C/45°F in the mornings. Hopefully the sun will bring the temps up to at least +21°C/70°F!! 

The gap between the morning school run and the afternoon one is only three hours, so that's when I have the window of opportunity to make lunch, dinner and sandwiches for the bus in the afternoon, watch a bit of TV, play with Lily, do laundry and everything else that needs to be done. 

I tell you, three hours at home goes very quickly - way too fast. Not enough time for relaxation or anything out of the ordinary. Tonight, when the kiddies are sound asleep, I'm going to put my feet up tonight and watch some good shows on TV and only think about myself. I'm going to have a well earned rest.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Update at 4pm:

Thunder and heavy rain
We just made it home from the bus... ☺

Oops, pretty serious where we are!
Two severe thunderstorms 
Damaging winds
Better stay in tonight☺

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  1. Found you on Natasha in oz blog party! Great pictures and story....I also blog about my travels, and hope you will stop by for a peek!


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