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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Aussie Road Trip - Part 6 - All Nations Hill

The main reason for our road trip to Bingara was to attend the service and watch the ashes of my MIL's cousin Barry being scattered. Earlier this year we went to his funeral in Murwillumbah, NSW and now it was time for the Bingara boy to come home. What a beautiful place to have one's ashes scattered. Truly peaceful.

My FIL officiated the ceremony.

The ashes were scattered by the closest family; 
Barry's wife, his three children, his two brothers and his elderly MIL.

All Nations Hill was Barry's favourite place in Bingara, 
where he often took walks and sat down to think.

The wooden seat is dedicated to Barry.
'The Bingara boy has come home'.

The view from the seat - magnificent!

* * *

From 1860 up until 1948, All Nations Hill was a goldmine. 

Stamp Battery.
Such a beautiful piece of equipment used when crushing rocks.


Welcome to The River House for refreshments ☺

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