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Monday, 5 May 2014

At the playground

Princess Lily at the playground at big brother's school.
A nice BLUE cover over the playground to protect from the sun.

I love it when Google+ creates Awesome photos from photos I've taken with my smart phone. It's like a nice surprise at the end of the day. A plus is when all photos are clear, and no blurry ones lol Google+ seems to add those too sometimes. 

Have a lovely day everyone!
Hope you have great weather where you are.

Here in Brisbane, Australia we are enjoying crispy Autumn weather at the moment. It almost feels like Winter is here with cool mornings (+8°C/ 46°F) and beautiful sunny days (+22°C/72°F). It's truly lovely to spend time outdoors, unless it's windy - then it's absolutely freezing...


  1. Hello Pernilla,

    It's getting nippy where you live and HOT where I reside. Your Lily is gorgeous surrounded by blue. Thanks for playing today.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  2. What a cutie! Kids at playgrounds are sure to bring smiles!

  3. What a sweet adorable little girl. I've tried some photos with my smartphone, they were quite good. Have a restful fall and winter. I'm realizing now that it is spring and the weeds are growing strongly how much work it is.

  4. Lily is a cutie, love her dress! My grand daughter Lily is three, how old is your Lily?

  5. What a little darling! She looks like she loves it there!

  6. Gorgeous photos of Lily at the playground - where would we be without our smart phone cameras? I take all my blog photos with mine as I also have it with me - lol
    Have a great week

  7. Lily är verkligen en söt liten prinsessa! Hon verkar vara van vid att bli fotograferad också.

    Allt gott till er!


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