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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Soon Easter will be gone...

Most Easter décor is packed away, but I keep finding bits and pieces here and there... 

Mother's Day is coming up, so I'd better take down the Easter décor lol

We celebrate the Australian Mother's Day on Sunday the 11th of May.
I should try to remove all my Easter décor before then, shouldn't I?!

So exciting about Mother's Day... Jonah's school has a Mother's Day stall with presents for the kids to purchase - prices range between AU$1-7 so there is something for everyone to buy. And also, Jonah has been making something 'top secret' in class - can't wait for Sunday to see what Jonah made me! Mother's Day is one special day... and I'm lucky enough to celebrate it twice every year - one Aussie Mother's Day and one Swedish one. I feel pretty special ☺

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  1. Morn söta Nilla,
    Har du fortfarande kvar från påsken? Tihi... Vad rolig du är?

    Jag är lika speciell den med. Jag firar 3grr eftersom mina syskon bor i Canada. 3ggr gillt för mig.

    Anyways, we are special, aren't we? Just being a mum is phenominal .

    Take care, vännen & hope you'll have a great MD.

    Grattis på vår dag, Downunder.

    /CC girl


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