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Monday, 12 May 2014

Aussie Mother's Day 2014

We celebrated Mother's Day in Australia yesterday.
In only two more weeks we'll be celebrating the Swedish Mother's Day too.
- How lucky am I?! I get to celebrate two Mother's Days each year☺

A handwritten Mother's Day letter and a beautiful card from my Prince.
Doesn't Jonah have neat handwriting?! Not bad for a left-handed 7½ year old boy.
Such a sweet gesture. It sure melted my heart big time♥


A Happy Mother's Day from Princess Lily 
- she wrote her name for the very first time!

Kisses all around♥

The kiddies and I.

The gifts from the kids.

Jonah bought the beautiful Mother's Day cup and saucer in pink 'Mum is Love' 
plus the teddy bear trinket box 'Mum ♥ me' at the school's Mother's Day stall. 
The boxes of Belgian chocolates came from Lily.

Precious gifts.

Hope you all had a great Mother's Day!

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  1. Beautiful blouse and necklace. Those are really charming blues behind you too. Happy Mother's Day.

  2. Hi Pernilla,

    I like the shot with the three of you together. What a nice family. Thanks for sharing today.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  3. Handmade (and signed) cards from the kids are the best gift! I love Jonah's sweet note to you!

  4. Two Mother's day - you are lucky. We have the same problem that the British Mothers day is in March, sometimes we celebrate with my Mum in the UK in March sometimes in May - I wished they were the same I never thought to celebrate twice :) !!!
    Happy Blue Monday
    Wren x

  5. Anreat way to celebrate mother's day. The best part, you get to do it twice.

  6. Så jättefina kort barnen gjort till dig på Morsdag! Ja, jag är imponerad av Jonah´s handstil som är så prydlig och prinsessan Lily lyckades också!
    Vilka goa och söta barn du har!


  7. Pernilla, these precious cards are wonderful keepsakes! I know that we cherish things like this from our little ones. Now I get things like this from my grands and I get to cherish little sentiments from the heart again. Your kids are so sweet and what a wonderful mama you are! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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