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Monday, 13 January 2014

Still Christmas in my heart!

We had a lovely afternoon tea with friends the other day.
I made choc banana cupcakes, dusted some icing sugar on top 
and added a few reindeers and Christmas trees for fun.
-Simple and Christmassy!

13th of January - Twenty days after Christmas
Today is the day when Swedes remove all their Christmas decor
- if they haven't already done so.

My decor is still up and will be up for a while.
I have friends that haven't seen our Christmas house yet
and I wouldn't dream of disappointing them... lol


  1. I love the trees and reindeer. It looks wintery to me. Perfect for a fun January tea with friends!

  2. Happy New Year to you. I leave my decorations up too until the 10th or 12th. I think the Christmas season goes until then although here it seems everyone is always rushing to "the next thing". I love your picture with snow (or is that powdered sugar) falling down. How did you manage that? I love Winter, Christmas and snow and I'm already planning for next year's gifts and decor. Although, I must admit, I got on Pinterest yesterday for Valentine's Day ideas. I make everything and have to mail everything so I need sufficient lead time! LOL! Enjoy!


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