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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Christmas is slowly disappearing...

Started slowly to take down the Christmas decorations in the kitchen and 'back kitchen sit down area' today.

It's fun how fast you get into removing all the signs of Christmas and there is no hesitation what so ever. Out with the red and in with the white and bright ☺

My Swedish Dala horse curtains feels refreshing after Christmas. White red and blue. The curtains transformed the whole room - a nice change after the holidays. The red Christmas fabric on the kitchen sofa was replaced too. White crocheted cushions and blue & white cushions made the sofa look cozy. I feel like sitting down and flipping through a magazine or an interior design book of some kind.

The back kitchen in the evening light. Still lots to do. I'm tweaking here and there... trying to get it as nice as possible. Have to continue tomorrow... Time to crash on the couch and watch some TV now when the kids are sound asleep!

Hope you all have a fantastic time wherever you are and whatever you do.
Stay safe!
Hugs from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

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  1. LOL Pernilla! Once the Christmas comes down I'm lost!

  2. Hi ,nice to meet you, I love putting Christmas up but I hate to see it go, but once it's gone I love to redecorate everything differently Lisa @ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  3. I love your Dalahäst curtains - they would be perfect in our summerhouse. I'm guessing I can find them here in Sweden :-)

    Lovely to read through your blog and see someone who has moved across the world to a strange land. Although I've done it in the other direction and moved from Australia to Sweden.


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