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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The end of the world??

Last Monday afternoon, 
the build-up of days of extreme heat 
had caused a massive and very dangerous storm.

The sky got darker and darker

Big flash

Everyone rushing home for shelter 

Total darkness at 4pm

Green sky

Luckily we didn't get any hail!
Only rain this time - 40mm in 10 minutes.

After the storm the rainbow showed up and afterwards a stunning sunset.
The sky was golden - it wasn't the end of the world after all!


  1. Söta Pernilla,
    Det ser så läskig ut! Hoppas alla mår bra och ingen kom till skada där då?

    Jodå! känns att världen går under snart. Här uppe är det fortfarande höst- kanske snö natten mot fre-lördag. Detta väder hade varit 3 ggr sen 1700-talet.

    Hoppas Ni hade kul i helgen.

    Have a blessed 2014, sweet mate.

    Hugs from D´Box,
    /CC och fam.

  2. That looks like a typical spring sky here where I live. We know to be on the lookout for tornadoes when it looks like that.


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