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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Dreaming of snow, cold and darkness

Today is going to be a hot day. 
It's been predicted that the temperature will reach 40-42°C, approx 104-108°F.

I'm dreaming of a snowy, cold and gloomy day in the north of Sweden.
After a long walk, come inside and have a cup of hot chocolate or glühwein.
My cheeks are still hurting from the cold outside.
My feet are slowly getting warm.
My hot drink is warming me up from the inside.

Already 30°C/86°F and it's only morning.
It's definitely going to be a hot day.

Stay safe everyone - and drink lots of water!

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  1. Well, we have a lovely weather here, but like snowy NYCity, though. Now that C'mas is over I'm over my White C'mas wish. We are in the 70's but dry, so it is very comfy. I'm not great with real HOT WEATHER type myself. HAPPY NEW YEAR Pernilla.


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