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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Excursion with great friends

On our way to The Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) in Brisbane, we made a pit stop at the Queensland Museum, to take a look at an old Holden car.

Love the patina!!

Lots to look at...


Lovely old signs with plenty of patina!

 Craft session at GOMA

Jonah created virtual fireworks and Lily made a tree.

Kids are trying out their kangaroo masks they made downstairs,
visiting Gordon Hookey Kangaroo Crew

 My own two kangaroos... ☺

We took a stroll through the White Forest

So nice and fluffy...

My precious kiddies, deep in the maze.

Such a simple, yet spectacular forest.

Amazing place at The Gallery of Modern Art.


Beautiful with a slight snow fall too.
Thanks Google + for yet another auto awesome photo ☺

Just on our way out, there were more free activities for the kids.
The library had craft and painting tables.

Eden and Lily are having fun creating beautiful art.

Jed, Jonah, Eden and Lily 

Tadaaaaa.... ☺

So much fun seeing the kids being creative and having a great time!

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