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Monday, 27 January 2014

Christmas bunting

I've been contemplating taking all my Christmas decorations down. Yes, I know it's almost February, but I've really enjoyed all the red and white for a long time. Our home feels so warm and inviting with all these shades of different reds.

The other day a parcel arrived from the UK with a Christmas bunting I bought on sale. Hubby helped me to put it up on the wall straight away - We needed to see how it looked before next Christmas...☺

However, when I start to dream about blue curtains and decorations which are non-Christmas related, that is when I know it's time for a change! That's what I have done lately, so stay tuned...☺

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  1. Me parece estupendo querer prolongar la FELICIDAD NAVIDEÑA, porque por desgracia el resto del año no se vive el AMOR con la misma intensidad.
    Así que enhorabuena amiga, a disfrutar de tu bella casa
    SALUDOS :)))


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