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Sunday, 5 January 2014

+42°C in the shade

Yesterday was a hot one.
Slightly unbearable...

+42° in the shade.
Going outside felt like entering a sauna.
The air was so thick and I had a hard time breathing. 

We stayed indoors most of the day. 
I only went outside to bring in washing and hang out some more.
 Perfect drying weather lol 

The kids enjoyed the cool AirCon 
and only went out for a play late in the evening.

.For all of you who use Fahrenheit...
42°C = 107.6°F

Today is much cooler.
We went to the skate park in the morning 
to meet up with friends for a playdate
 before it got too hot and humid...
 When we left the park the temperature was rising
to a top of 33°C/91.46°F

Queensland weather
Beautiful one day - perfect the next,
but sometimes too hot and too humid ☺
Luckily, it doesn't happen too often!


  1. 107 is very hot! So glad you stayed in and stayed cool!

  2. Oj så svettigt. Här var det ruskigt kallt i går för att vara sommar. På eftermiddagen när jag hoppa in i bilen vid 14 tiden visade tempen på endast 14.5 grader, helt galet denna årstid. I dag var det bättre men tror knapt vi kom upp till +27 ens som ni gjorde. Vi har en skruttig sommar detta år, iallafall så här långt. Kanske skulle man flytta norr ut?
    Kram Anette

  3. We had one of the coldest days ever today here in Minnesota, USA! Minus 50 degrees below zero windchill! The governor called off all schools in the whole state and everyone was warned not to go outside unless absolutely necessary.
    Such extremes in weather! It's crazy!
    Stay cool!


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