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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Storm season

It's not just sunshine here in Australia. 

Here in South - East Queensland 
we have amazing weather all year around.
Beautiful one day - perfect the next.

The sunshine, the humidity 
 - lots of pressure up in the sky

The storm season is here!

 Afternoon sky when we were at the shops...

Driving home 

Amazing sky

Birds trying to get away from the stormy weather.

Lots of rain, thunder and lightning above our heads.


After the first storm had passed the sun quickly came out again
and we saw this wonderful rainbow.

Not long after we could hear thunder again.
The rain pouring down, lightning in a distance.
The beauty of the storm season.


  1. Amazing photos.

    I know it is easy to picture far away lands as being better than home. While I love home, I do dream of visiting your way some day.

  2. Hi! Thank you for your visit at my blog. I love everything from Sweden! I have been there some years ago and I always remember the beautiful places we visited!
    I wish to visit Australia too!:):)


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