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Wednesday, 20 November 2013


 The hail from the hailstorm the other day

These hailstones were picked up after the rain had started to pour down, 
so the size is a bit reduced.

Quite scary when you think of it,
you wouldn't want to be outdoors unprotected with these falling from the sky!


  1. If it weren't so damaging, I'd say hail stones are sooo pretty!

  2. oh my goodness, i've never seen hail so big! i'm glad your weren't caught outside in it!

  3. My word, it is a wonder there was not much damage from this size hail. We had a bad once in Texas, but nothing this size. Did have to get a new roof. It definitely sounds heightening when it is falling.

  4. My word this is large hail.It is a wonder more damage was not done. I do not like it. Very frightening. We had a bad one once in Texas and had to get a new roof. Do not think it was this large.


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