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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Finally rain!

After weeks and weeks without any rain we finally got some! 
Some really bad weather with rain, thunder & lightning 
and strong winds came in the afternoon. 
Neighbouring suburbs even got hail. We were lucky. 
No hail where we live.

After a while, 
the sun was back out again 
and everything went back to normal.

More rain and thunder awaits later on tonight.
I can hear rumbling in a distance...
Might log off and call it a night.

Linking to Blue Monday


  1. Wonderful shots. We already have rainy days since last month.
    Thanks for leaving comment.
    I haven't yet posted my Blue Monday :)

  2. The skies are always bluer after a rain. I know what you mean about lack of rain. We have had a drought in Texas. We have been blessed with recent rains tho.

  3. Beautiful images from nature.

  4. Hi Pernilla,

    I like to see rain too, as long as it doesn't rain all day.
    Happy Blue Monday!

  5. We live on the plains of West Texas and constantly need rain...glad you got long as there's no severe weather involved, I LOVE thunder and lightening....especially at night. Makes for great sleeping. :)
    Have a good week..and Happy Blues.

  6. So glad you have had rain! We had fires here in Florida a few years ago so we understand the dangers with no rain. I know there have been fires in Australia, too.

    Lovely pictures!

    Happy Blue Monday to you...



  7. Great shots for HBM ~ I like a rainy day now and then ~ carol, xxx

  8. Hi Pernilla
    I'm excited for you, I know how important it is for the farmers!
    We've had rain down south big time in fact our Spring is delayed by a month in Melbourne.
    Have a great week
    Wren x

  9. I think the rain washes away all the dust and the sky becomes bluer! Love it! Have a terrific week.


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