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Tuesday 19 November 2013

More thunderstorms...

The sky changed colour to dark blue

The pink bougainvilleas look amazing against the dark sky

 The blue sky got darker and darker

... until it was all black!

Thunder and lightning and heaps of heavy rain.
Luckily, our suburb didn't get any hail this time.

The other day we got golf ball sized hail - that was very bizarre!
They came down so quickly and hard. 
The hailstones are not round - they have spikes - like medieval weapons!
In Sweden we only get the occasional hail,
and they are tiny in size.

So different here on the other side of the planet☺

After the storm our backyard was lovely and green.
Even the sun came out for a bit.

Everything is now back to normal,
until the next storm... ☺

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  1. Stay safe Pernilla - we were hit with storms here in Illinois this weekend too, lucky to be safe as well. :-)

  2. Trust the storms pass over your area. Those are great shots of the changing storm clouds.

  3. Beautiful nature photography for HBM ~ great eye! ~ thanks for your visit
    ~ carol, xxx

  4. Great photos of the sky!
    Have a nice day!

  5. Hi Pernilla,

    If the hail has spikes, I'm glad it's small.

    Have a good Blue Monday!

  6. Oh my what a terrible storm. I am glad is is done and you are all fine again. Your photos are very nice.
    xo, Jeanne

  7. So interesting to see the storms in your tropical paradise. The golf ball sized hail probably was very loud (and dangerous to be outdoors in!). There was softball sized hail in Houston once when I was visiting, and it sounded like the roof would cave in; the windshield on my sister's car broke.


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