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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

More Midsummer...

Midsummer Celebrations in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
- in the middle of our Australian midwinter!

It was a beautiful day.
Sunshine and lovely temperature.

An amazing winter's day 
- far away from my childhood's cold and snow...

Midsummer is celebrated in June, during the Swedish Summer,
We've never had snow in June as far as I can remember 
- only hail! 
This year though... It was actually snowing up north!!

Midsummer preparations

 Uncle G (My mum's younger brother) dressed in a traditional costume.

Traditional dancing

The kids and I, plus my SIL who wishes she was 'made in Sweden' ☺

Great catch-up with friends

Blue and yellow kiddies, 
Aunty Beck, Farfar (Paternal grandfather) and Cousin Josh.

Lily with her Great Uncle.
(My mum's younger brother)

Happy Midsummer from Australia♥

...Stay tuned for photos from our visit to IKEA's Midsommar Smörgåsbord!

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