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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Aussie Road Trip - Part 11 - Kangaroo Incident

Sunday morning, the 18th of May. 
It was time for us to head home to sunny Queensland.
We had a six hour drive in front of us.


About 10 kilometres outside Bingara we almost crashed into a dead kangaroo on the small country road. We also had oncoming traffic - two cars, which made the whole incident ever more dangerous. Hubby stood on the brakes and we avoided a collision with the kangaroo and the cars! However, the danger wasn't over... The brakes had stopped working!!!

So... We had to return to Bingara and try and find a mechanic who was open and could help us on a Sunday!! Quite a tricky task I might add, even though the locals we came across were very friendly and helpful. After an hour or so, we finally got help from some neighbours close to the old farmhouse. After chatting to the lady for a while, I discovered she was a relative to my MIL's family. Small world in a small country town. 

Grant temporarily fixed the brake issue.

The kids and I enjoyed the surroundings while waiting...

Overgrown and beautiful!

Nice moment between the kids 
- so special and rare I had to capture it lol

The car was fixed and we were able leave Bingara for the second time around... ☺

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